Helping poor and special needs kids in Nicaragua.

We work in the poorest of communities providing aid through multi-level community projects. Our community based DREAM CENTERS provide food, unlimited access to clean water, medical treatment, education and healing for the soul
1.8 million
People in Nicaragua live in poverty.
1 in 5
Children under age 5 are malnourished.
One third
Of the rural population lack access to improved water sources.

Our Work


We see the power of LOVE transform lives every day.  That LOVE looks like something. That something is food, water, clothing, education, and medical care.  We do just that through our Dream Centers!! Our community based Dream Centers are located in the poorest neighborhoods where things like crime, physical and sexual abuse, alcohol and drugs are considered a part of every day life.

Our hope is to teach these kids how to dream of a brighter future and show them the path to leaving poverty behind.  We chose to call them Dream Centers because when we asked the kids what they dreamed about being when they grew up their response was heartbreaking. “We don’t know what it means to dream. We just want something to eat today. That’s our dream. Having something to eat…..”


Designed to help children who suffer malnutrition that has affected their overall health and proper growth. Programs are established to help children overcome these nutritional issues and maintain proper eating and nutritional habits so that additional health problems can be avoided.

A group of specialists, including a nutritionist, pediatrician, nurse and dentist work with each child and family to correct the multiple problems caused by malnutrition. Our comprehensive program takes a supportive approach that includes a child’s medical and developmental needs, while also teaching personal hygiene standards and addressing issues caused by parasites and other diseases as well as continued family education and training.


Children often do not get to attend school. Instead working long hard days on coffee farms to help provide for their family. Your support will change the future for a child! Our Educational Sponsorships help to provide school supplies, including backpacks, pens, pencils, books and so much more!!

Our after school educational programs encompass a wide focus area including academic mentoring, positive childhood development, arts, sports, and more! The activities the children engage in outside of the normal school routine are highly critical to their overall development.


We offer different short-term mission trips throughout the year to Nicaragua. Trips can range from a just a few days to several weeks as well as long term internship positions. Your life and heart will be forever changed no matter how short or long your trip. Not only that, you will also be making a positive impact on nearly every child that you encounter.